Meet the Founder

DaShaun Thomas

DaShaun Thomas was born December 12, 1988, in Chicago, IL. During his childhood, he resided in the Lawndale Community, where the crime rate was the highest in the country. He grew up in a household of 9 brothers/sisters, and 20 overall. He faced several challenges as a child. He never wanted to be a product of his environment. Therefore, he began to illustrate interest in the sport of basketball. He saw several opportunities that will prepare him for success.   His drive allowed him an advantage to work with great coaches and mentors. In a matter of time, he was invited to camps and other sporting events. By the age of 13, he was labeled one of the top basketball players in the Chicago land area.

DaShaun went on to play basketball on the high school level with one of the prestigious basketball programs in the city of Chicago. He was a three year varsity player for Farragut Academy. Basketball taught him valuable life lessons. Such as, teamwork, never give up, hard work, and always remain a professional. Also, it taught him the importance of education. He excelled in the classroom as well. After graduating from high school, he attended Kentucky State University to further his education and basketball career. In 2008, he moved to California where he played for Riverside College. Because of his leadership, he was named Co Captain of the Men’s Basketball team that went on to win the State Championship.

DaShaun has always been passionate about the sport of basketball, and consistently showed leadership qualities. After graduating, he wanted to pursue a new dream, because of the opportunities that was provided to him during his childhood. He now takes pride into giving the youth the same essential tools that was provided to him throughout his life. His dedication is built upon his commitment to helping young men/women improve both, on and off the court. It was basketball that kept him on the right path and made him an inspiration to the youth in today’s society. He soon grew a passion for coaching and giving back to the community. He deeply values the integrity and discipline that the game of basketball can teach young men and women. He believes that teaching the game of basketball will prepare the youth for similar life situations.

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